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Tam Juniper

Scientific name: Juniperus sabina ‘Tamariscifolia’

Type:Groundcovers evergreen
Plant Requirements
Zone:3 to 10
Sun:Full sun
Plant Characteristics
Height:3 ft
Width:10 ft
Additional Characteristics



Wildlife value

Description Tam juniper is a popular low growing, groundcover evergreen shrub with horizontal tiers of branches. It is also called Tamarix juniper in the landscape trade.

This juniper variant grows to a height 3 feet at maturity, but can often spread to form a mat as wide as 10’ across. It features horizontal branches which layer one on top or another. Individual branchlets appear in a dense, crowded fashion arising at an acute angle to the layered stems.

The youngest leaves or needles are sharp to the touch while older branchlets feature awl-shaped needles which are very short (1/8” long). The foliage is generally considered a blue-green color depending upon the amount of sun the plant receives.

For best growth set out young tam junipers in full sun conditions on well drained sites. It is often used in mass plantings, but can be overdone if too many plants are used. Once established it considered very drought tolerant. It can withstand alkaline sites east of the Cascades.

If this groundcover is established on water logged sites it will develop root rot.
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