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Yellow Loosestrife

Scientific name: Lysimachia punctata

Type:Herbaceous perennials
Plant Requirements
Zone:4 to 8
Sun:Full to partial sun
Plant Characteristics
Height:3 ft
Width:2 ft
Bloom:Summer flowers
Bloom Time:June to July
Bloom Color:Yellow
Additional Characteristics



Wildlife value

Description Yellow loosestrife, also referred to as circle flower, is prized for its tall elegant flowering spikes making it useful for the perennial border, bog garden, or along side of a water feature.

As a herbaceous perennial, yellow loosestrife assumes an upright growth pattern with whorled leaves, and provides a good solid mass of green throughout the season. Leaves are pubescent (hairy), ovate to lance-shaped, and up to 3” long. Flowers are cup shaped, five-petalled, bright yellow in color, and are borne in whorls along the stems. Flowers appear in June through early July and can attain a width of 1” when fully open.

This species can be grown in full sun but it prefers partial shade. It can be grown in a wide array of soil types though it will do best with supplemental watering on dry sites. In the garden yellow loosestrife can spread by rhizomes. In order to avoid excessive spread or self seeding grow this plant on dry sites.

Considered pest free.
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