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Drummond Norway Maple

Scientific name: Acer platanoides ‘Drummondii’

Type:Deciduous tree
Plant Requirements
Zone:4 to 8
Sun:Full sun
Plant Characteristics
Height:40 ft
Width:25 ft
Bloom:Spring flowers
Bloom Time:April
Bloom Color:Yellow
Additional Characteristics



Wildlife value

Description Of all the different Norway maple cultivars Drummond is one of the best variegated versions with its dark green leaves tinged with creamy-white edges. In the landscape trade this cultivar is known as Harlequin maple or Silver Variegated maple.

This Norway maple variant is a deciduous tree which grows to a height of 40’ with a slightly smaller spread. It features 5-lobed leaves, arranged in an opposite fashion. Leaves are 4”-7” across and feature pointed lobes. In the fall the leaves turn yellow.

In the spring (April through May) yellow-green flower clusters appear before the leaves open.

Norway maples are widely adapted to most sites, forming very nice shade trees for either yards or public spaces. Drummond maple is considered slower growing than the more popular Crimson King or Emerald Queen cultivars. While the white edged leaves are generally stabile, this cultivar is known to revert to its original green color. If possible, it is advisable that gardeners remove the green leaved limbs otherwise they will take over the canopy as they grow more vigorously than the variegated branches.

Verticillium wilt can be avoided by planting this species on well-drained sites.
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