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Fastigiate White Pine

Scientific name: Pinus strobus 'Fastigiata'

Type:Coniferous trees
Plant Requirements
Zone:3 to 8
Sun:Full sun
Plant Characteristics
Height:60 ft
Width:20 ft
Additional Characteristics



Wildlife value

Description Starting as a narrow fastigiate-columnar form when young, this beautiful Eastern white cultivar develops into a narrow oval habit classic blue-green sheen.

A narrow, upright vased to ascending columnar form, with branches that hug close to the central leader in youth, becoming more spreading with age, maturing at 60' tall by 20' wide. It sets soft, feathery needles in bundles of 5, each of which are 2”-4” long.

Cones are 6"-12" in length, brown, and hang down from the limbs.

Widely adapted to most soil types. When multiple plants are used it can be grouped to form a hedge or screen. Otherwise it makes a nice specimen plant especially when grown in a confined space. Does not do well in heavily polluted urban environments. Does best on more acidic sites.

White pine weevil can be a problem as the larvae of this insect feed at the base of the terminal shoots thus stunting the tree.
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