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June Snow Giant Dogwood

Scientific name: Cornus controversa ‘June Snow’

Type:Deciduous tree
Plant Requirements
Zone:5 to 8
Sun:Full to partial sun
Plant Characteristics
Height:25 ft
Width:40 ft
Bloom:Showy flowers
Bloom Time:June to July
Bloom Color:White
Additional Characteristics



Wildlife value

Description Giant dogwood is named for the profusion of flat white flower clusters which seemingly cover the horizontal branches with a coating of snow.

Giant dogwood is a deciduous flowering tree that grows to a mature height of 25' with a wider spread of up to 40’. The striking horizontal branches bears simple, alternately arranged leaves which are dark green above and silver below. Leaves can be 5”-8” long. In the fall the leaves turn a very nice red color before they are shed.

In early summer (June) the creamy white flowers appear and are held above the leaves. Bloom gives rise to blue/black berries which the songbirds greatly enjoy.

This dogwood variant is not site specific and does well on all soil types. It can tolerate some shade, though does best in full sun.

This species offers good resistance to anthracnose which plagues the Northwest’s native dogwood.
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