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Amur Maple

Scientific name: Acer ginnala

Type:Deciduous tree
Plant Requirements
Zone:3 to 8
Sun:Full to partial sun
Plant Characteristics
Height:20 ft
Width:20 ft
Bloom:Showy flowers
Bloom Time:April to June
Bloom Color:White
Additional Characteristics



Wildlife value

Description Amur Maple is used in the landscape trade for its dense rounded habit and beautiful fall foliage color.

This deciduous tree grows 15’-20’ tall and equally wide. It can be grown either as a multi-stemmed structure or pruned to a single-stem tree. It naturally forms a rounded head tree which has a dense branch structure which will completely shade the ground beneath the limbs.

Leaves are simple and arranged in an opposite fashion. Each leaf has an ovate shape and is 3-lobed with a double serrated margin. The terminal lobe is much longer than the two lateral lobes. Leaves are 2”-4” in length and 2” wide. In the fall the leaves turn a very nice orange-red to deep red color.

Beginning in April dense clusters of fragrant, creamy white flowers appear. Flowers give rise to red winged seeds known as samaras which hang in from the ends of the branches.

Amur maple does best in full sun or partial shade. It prefers moist, well drained soils but tolerate drought. It is considered a salt tolerant species.

No serious pest problems.
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