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Golden Full Moon Maple

Scientific name: Acer shirasawanum 'Aureum'

Type:Deciduous tree
Plant Requirements
Zone:5 to 8
Sun:Partial shade to full shade
Plant Characteristics
Height:20 ft
Width:20 ft
Bloom:Showy flowers
Bloom Time:April to May
Bloom Color:Yellow
Additional Characteristics



Wildlife value

Description For gardeners with a shady garden, Golden Full Moon Maple grows slowly to become a stately small tree with beautiful yellow-green foliage followed by a bright red fall color.

This deciduous tree grows slowly to an eventual height and width of 20’ if it is on a site rich in organic matter. It bears simple leaves, arranged oppositely, each with 11-13 lobes. The new leaves emerge pale yellow in the spring, and then darken to a yellow-green over the summer. In the fall the round leaves exhibit a yellow gold center and a red margin, thence the name Golden Full Moon Maple.

Pale yellow flowers with purple sepals first appear in April. Flowers later give rise to bright red summer fruit

This maple needs light or dappled shade. If it is exposed to full sun the leaves will scorch. For optimal growth select a well-drained, humus rich soil.

Verticillium wilt can plague all of the maples if they are planted on poorly drained sites.
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