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Eastern Redcedar

Scientific name: Juniperus virginiana

Type:Coniferous trees
Plant Requirements
Zone:2 to 9
Sun:Full sun
Plant Characteristics
Height:45 ft
Width:15 ft
Additional Characteristics



Wildlife value

Description The dense needle growth of Easter Red Cedar makes this tree a useful windbreak species. This is the cedar species whose wood is used to line cedar trunks to repel clothes moths.

This is an East Coast native conifer that grows to 40’-50 tall and 15’ wide. It has a conical shape when it is young but opens up latter.

Needles are scale-like and awl-shaped. They are arranged in a 4-rank pattern and are closely pressed to the stem overlapping one another. They are sharply pointed and have a strong cedar scent when crushed.

Female trees give rise to light green berries in the spring which mature to one fourth inch wide waxy blue fruit which add interest to the foliage.

The bark is reddish brown and sheds in long strips.

This species is widely adapted to nearly all soils and sites. It is both drought and salt tolerant.

None reported in the Pacific Northwest.
On the East Coast cedar-apple rust can occur while on the West Coast this not a problem.
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