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Cockspur Hawthorn

Scientific name: Crataegus crus-galli

Type:Deciduous tree
Plant Requirements
Zone:3 to 8
Sun:Full sun
Plant Characteristics
Height:35 ft
Width:30 ft
Bloom:Showy flowers
Bloom Time:May
Bloom Color:White
Additional Characteristics



Wildlife value

Description Cockspur Hawthorn is sold in the nursery trade as a small garden tree with beautiful spring bloom and scarlet red fall foliage.

This a deciduous tree that can grow to 25 to 35 feet and as wide. It features simple, deciduous leaves which are 1”-4” long with obovate leaf shape and sharp serrated margins. During the summer the leaves are a dark green color. As the tree matures it takes on a rounded, horizontal shape.

In May flowering begins. White petal flowers are formed in 3” wide corymbs. Over the 10 day course of flowering the petals have a rather unpleasant odor. Butterflies are attracted to the nectar of the blossoms.

Flowers are followed by rounded fruits (3/8” diameter) that ripen in September-October and typically persist into late fall. Songbirds greatly enjoy feeding on the ripe berries in the late fall.

This species has long, sharp thorns on the limbs which can present a problem in a confined space.

Widely adapted to most sites as long as the soil is not poorly drained. Would be considered a drought tolerant species once established.

Generally free from leaf spot.
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