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Western White Pine

Scientific name: Pinus monticola

Type:Coniferous trees
Plant Requirements
Zone:3 to 8
Sun:Full sun
Plant Characteristics
Height:100 ft
Width:30 ft
Additional Characteristics



Wildlife value

Description Western White Pine is a Northwest native best known for its thin needled foliage which appears fine and feathery with a light blue-green color. Lumber from this forest conifer is used extensively in the building trade where it is prized for it suitability for making window and door frames.

Tall, straight, evergreen conifer growing to 100 feet or taller in height but staying relatively narrow in the crown to 30’. The crown is relatively open. In the upper portions of the tree the branches point upwards. The long straight trunk will often be devoid of limbs on the lower half of the tree.

Needles are 3”-4” long and arranged in bundles of 5. In addition there are 6 white lines on the underside of the needles. Needles are held for 3-4 years before they are shed.

Male cones are small, yellow, and clustered near the tips of branches while female cones are larger (5”-12”), almost round, greenish pink in color and clustered near the tips of branches in the upper parts of the crown. Cones are pendulous. When mature they turn brown.

This species needs full sun. It can thrive on both dry as well as moist sites.

Very susceptible to blister rust which will kill the tree.
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