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Cape Fuchsia

Scientific name: Phygelius rectus

Type:Herbaceous perennials
Plant Requirements
Zone:7 to 9
Sun:Full sun
Plant Characteristics
Height:5 ft
Width:5 ft
Bloom:Summer flowers
Bloom Time:May to October
Bloom Color:Red
Additional Characteristics



Wildlife value

Description Cape Fuchsia is fascinating South African plant that bears beautiful orange-red tubular trumpet shaped flowers that hang from the branches all summer long.

This herbaceous perennial grows to 5’ tall and as wide. While it can survive over winter in zones 7 and warmer it is normally treated as herbaceous perennial as the winter foliage is generally un-appealing. The foliage forms an upright, bushy mound during the growing season

Leaves are 4” long, deep green in color and ovate in shape.

Flowers appear in late May and keep on coming all summer up until the first frost. Each flower is tubular with a flared throat. The inside color of the flower is yellow. Hummingbirds flock to this excellent nectar source. They are also very appealing to butterflies.

Cape Fuchsia requires full sun and a well irrigated site during the summer. Acidic sites are preferred.

It is best to prune the entire plant back to the ground line in the late fall or early spring in order to renew this plant. Afterwards it will quickly re-grow its space. Be aware that it will send up root suckers so it can spread on its own.

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