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Mondo Grass

Scientific name: Ophiopogon japonicus

Type:Ornamental grasses
Plant Requirements
Zone:7 to 11
Sun:Partial shade
Plant Characteristics
Height:1 ft
Width:1 ft
Bloom:Summer flowers
Bloom Time:June to July
Bloom Color:Lavender
Additional Characteristics



Wildlife value

Description Mondo grass is very useful as a ground cover for shady areas, and the dense mat of roots holds the ground exceedingly well where runoff is a problem

Mondo grass is an perennial ornamental grass that is actually a member of the lily family despite its appearance and common name. Depending on variety, the slender leaves grow from 2”-12” long. Blades are only 1/8” wide. They are rigid and curve back toward the ground (recurve) and resemble blades of turf grass. Leaves emerge in clumps from a network of underground rhizomes. With a good well drained soil it is not un-common to find that the clumps merge together to form a soft dense carpet of foliage.

Tiny, pale lavender flowers form in the summer. However they are often hidden by the leaves..

This is a shade to partial sun groundcover.

Mondo Grass would be a good choice for edging walkways and defining beds. Tall varieties may be used as foundation plantings. In the southern states, Mondo Grass is considered invasive, but this is not the case for the Pacific Northwest.

This species is virtually pest and care free making it a great choice for low maintenance plantings.
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