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Windmill Palm

Scientific name: Trachycarpus fortunei

Type:Evergreen trees
Plant Requirements
Zone:7 to 10
Sun:Partial shade
Plant Characteristics
Height:40 ft
Width:12 ft
Bloom Color:Yellow
Additional Characteristics



Wildlife value

Description Windmill Palm offers exceptional cold hardiness for the temperate zone in the United States, and can withstand a layer of snow. Its names stems from the large rounded leaves held high on a slender stalk, thus resembling a windmill. Also known as Chusan palm

This is an evergreen tree that can grow to 20’-40’ in height with a spread of 12’. Leaves consist of dark green palmate, circular leaves which are up to 3’ in diameter.

Male and female flowers are borne on separate plants. The flower or inflorescence consists of 2’-3’ long dense yellow structure which is held beneath the head of the tree close to the trunk.

Windmill palm has a rather slender single stem that is 8”-10” in diameter and is typically a bit narrower at the base than at the top. Trunks are usually covered with a loose mat of coarse gray or brown fiber.

Windmill Palm does best under partial shade. It is not particular about the soil type it's grown upon. It is often used where space is at a premium. It does look best when planted in clumps. This is a common tree to set off a patio or sitting area around a home.

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