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Variegated Japanese Angelica

Scientific name: Aralia elata ‘Aureovariegata’

Type:Deciduous tree
Plant Requirements
Zone:4 to 9
Sun:Full sun
Plant Characteristics
Height:15 ft
Width:10 ft
Bloom:Fall flowers
Bloom Time:September
Bloom Color:White
Additional Characteristics



Wildlife value

Description If a variegated tree is needed in a garden, Japanese Angelica Tree can serve well as it has leaves with distinctive yellow margins and paler undersides.

This a smaller garden tree with a couple of stems that grows to 12’-15’ in height and 10’ in width. It has a spreading habit. It can also form a shrub if it is pruned to a couple of stems. The limbs bear bi-pinnately compound leaves which can grow to 16”-32” in length. Each leaf can have as many as 80 leaflets. The individual leaflets are 3”-3.5” wide with green middles and irregular yellow-gold margins. In the fall the leaves turn purple or orange before they are shed for the winter.

The stems are spiny.

Flowers, creamy white in color form in the fall, forming panicle-like umbles. Later the flowers morph to purple, globose fruit.

This plant is attractive to bees, butterflies and/or birds.

Sun to partial shade; prefers cool, well-drained, moist and fertile soil.

Protect this plant from strong winds which can break the branches. Avoid brushing up against the plant as the thorns are very sharp.

None reported.
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