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Simons Cotoneaster

Scientific name: Cotoneaster simonsii

Type:Deciduous shrubs
Plant Requirements
Zone:6 to 8
Sun:Full sun
Plant Characteristics
Height:8 ft
Width:8 ft
Bloom:Showy flowers
Bloom Time:May to June
Bloom Color:White
Additional Characteristics



Wildlife value

Description Simons Cotoneaster is not all that common in the United States, where as in the United Kingdom has escaped cultivation and become naturalized. Gardeners often plant this shrub in a row and shape it into a hedge.

This is a deciduous shrub that grows to 10’ in height and width, with a very loose straggly branching habit, but still with an upright growth habit. It bears simple alternate leaves with a elliptic shape. Leaves are approximately 1” long. During the summer they are glossy green on the top side a hairy white underneath.

White flowers form in the spring. They have 5 petals as with other members of the Rose family. Flowers are grouped into clusters of 2-5. After the flowers fade fruit are formed. Each drupe is ovoid, and scarlet in color. They can be up to 1/3” in diameter. Song birds find them tasty during the winter.

Widely adapted to most sites.
The unkept look of this plant can be improved if it is treated as a hedge plant.

None reported.
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