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Variegated Winter Daphne

Scientific name: Daphne odora 'Aureo-marginata'

Type:Evergreen shrubs
Plant Requirements
Zone:7 to 9
Sun:Full to partial sun
Plant Characteristics
Height:4 ft
Width:6 ft
Bloom:Fragrant flowers
Bloom Time:March to May
Bloom Color:White
Additional Characteristics



Wildlife value

Description Long used as a Northwest evergreen shrub, Variegated Winter Daphne is often called Fragrant Daphne for the wonderful sweet scent that the flowers exude from March through May.

This evergreen shrub grows to 4 foot in height and 6 foot in width.. It has rounded shape, and is often used as foundation shrub. The leaves of this cultivar are variegated: yellow leaf margins over a medium green leaf color. Leaves are 1/2" - 5" long, and 3/4" - 1" wide. The foliage is held for 3-4 years.

The small 4-petalled white flowers are clustered at the tips of the branches. Individual flowers are funnel shaped, dark pink/red on the outside and pink/white on the inside. They are 1/2" long and 1/4" - 3/8" wide.
All parts of this plant are considered toxic.

Daphne prefer well drained sites. Look for ones with partial shade. They are often set near the house so that one can enjoy the fragrance given off by the bloom.

No problems are reported in the literature.
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