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Chollipo Euonymus

Scientific name: Euonymus japonicus 'Chollipo’

Type:Evergreen shrubs
Plant Requirements
Zone:6 to 7
Plant Characteristics
Height:12 ft
Width:6 ft
Bloom:Spring flowers
Bloom Time:May to June
Bloom Color:Green
Additional Characteristics



Wildlife value

Description ‘Chollipo’ euonymus features glossy, dark-green and yellow, variegated leaves that add beauty and color to any landscape. Its rapid growth and dense, upright form makes this cultivar an excellent hedge or screen for privacy.

This species is classified as a broadleaf evergreen shrub, that grows erect, to an un-sheared height of 12’, and spread of 6’. With trimming it can be maintained to a height of 5 ‘to serve well as hedge plant. Leaves are glossy green with cream to yellow margins. It is considered fast growing. This variegated foliage develops best when the plant is exposed to full sun. It has spherical, pink-tinged white fruit which are rarely produced.

Plant in well drained soil. For a tidy, neat appearance, shear annually to shape. If used for hedging set new plants 3’apart in a straight row. Because of its high tolerance of salt spray, this evergreen is suitable for coastal regions. Once established it is considered drought tolerant.

None reported.
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