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Blue Passion Flower

Scientific name: Passiflora caerulea

Plant Requirements
Zone:7 to 9
Plant Characteristics
Height:30 ft
Width:5 ft
Bloom:Summer flowers
Bloom Time:June to October
Bloom Color:Blue
Additional Characteristics



Wildlife value

Description Blue passion flower is an extremely fast growing vine that may grow up to 30' a season. This is one of the hardiest passion flowers. It is primarily known for its intriguing creamy-white flowers with purple-blue zoned coronas. The vines cling to just about anything with their tendrils, but do still need a trellis or arbor for best effect.

In the milder regions of the Pacific Northwest, blue passion flower is considered an evergreen, being hardy to 5 oF. The attractive foliage is 4" across, glossy green and very deeply lobed. Its shiny leaves are palmately lobed with five parts, but this can vary from as few as 3 all the way up to 9. Passion flower blooms in early summer on current season’s growth. The white and purple-blue flowers are striking for their size: 4” across is common. As flowers wilt down they give rise to large edible fruit, orange in color, with red seeds on the inside. Most people do not harvest the fruit as it lacks any real flavor.

In Zones 8-9 passion vine does best in sunny locations. A south facing trellis would make an ideal spot for training this vine. If there is a hard freeze the plants will make a good come back from its extensive root system.

None reported to be serious on vines grown in the Northwest.
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