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Spider's Web Japanese Aralia

Scientific name: Fatsia japonica 'Spider's Web '

Type:Evergreen shrubs
Plant Requirements
Zone:8 to 10
Sun:Partial shade to full shade
Plant Characteristics
Height:8 ft
Width:6 ft
Bloom:Fall flowers
Bloom Time:September
Bloom Color:White
Additional Characteristics



Wildlife value

Description From Japan this exotic shrub is best known for its variegated palmate leaves.

This evergreen shrub can grow to 8’ in height and 6’ in width. It features huge leaves that can grow to 12” in width. The leaf petioles hold the leaves up and out from the plant. Overall Japanese Aralia has a layered look as it matures.

Mature plants will flower in the fall. The white clusters are held above the foliage. The clusters are shaped like a ball.

This would make an ideal courtyard plant as it looks great against the side of buildings and flagstones. The size of leaves make it really stand-out.

The best site for this plant is one with acidic, compost amended garden soil. When the winter temps drop below 10F the foliage will burn back but the plant seems to be able to recover (at least in Zone 8B). This plant can also be raised as a houseplant in cold climates. Select a shaded site when it raised outdoors.

There are no pest problems for Japanese Aralia.
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