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Oriental Fountain Grass

Scientific name: Pennisetum orientale

Type:Ornamental grasses
Plant Requirements
Zone:5 to 10
Plant Characteristics
Height:3 ft
Width:3 ft
Bloom:Summer flowers
Bloom Time:June to October
Bloom Color:White
Additional Characteristics



Wildlife value

Description Oriental fountain grass is a widely used ornamental grass given its low-growing and compact form, and the presence of cottony pink, and feathery bottlebrush flowers that seem to glow when lit from behind by early morning or late afternoon sun.

This is a cascading, clump forming species with green, narrow bladed foliage that attains a height of 1'-2'. The soft floral inflorescence stands an additional 1’-2’ above the leaves, and consists of a plume of pearly white or silvery pink fluff. The showy flowers, which are 3”-4” long are nearly white with a hint of pearlescent pink, and are carried all summer and well into the fall. The soft inflorescences take their name from the Latin words penna and seta meaning feather-bristle.

For maximum hardiness this plant should be grown in well-drained soil and full sun. Light shade is acceptable, but only in the hottest climates. This plant can be grown in nearly any soil types, except those that are poorly drained. The recommended plant spacing between plants is 2'-3'.

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